Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good Posture

Today's lifestyle is often a stress on good posture, which affects good health. Sitting hunched forward at a computer screen, or over a book, or with your head propped forward on a pillow watching tv all creates a posture of excessive flexion (bending forward, head translated forward - hunched forward). One thing to consider in correcting this situation is spinal misalignments that a chiropractor can assess and correct and the other is to re-train you spine and the surrounding muscles to be straighter by doing extension exercises. Do 12 repetitions, keeping your chin semi tucked in, moving your head and shoulders backwards. Do three sets of 12. Each night, lay your neck over a rolled up towel for five to ten minutes. During the day, every day live the lifestyle of a person with good posture. Imagine a string attached to the top of your head gently pulling you up, shoulders back. Think about it, often and your posture and your health will improve. Also consider other health factors such as diet, exercise, mental health and of course - proper spinal alignments. Visit a chiropractor monthly even when not in pain to eliminate nerve irritation from misaligned joints. Dr. Steve Edelson, chiropractic physician

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