Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chiropractor, Tampa: Whiplash, neck and back pain.

Chiropractor, Tampa: Whiplash, neck and back pain.
Did you know that permanent injuries can occur from being in an automobile accident where the cars are only going five miles per hour? Whiplash injuries are the most common type. This occurs when the head is violently whipped forward and then violently backward. Ligaments are torn, vertebral discs arfe herniated, and degenerative arthritis begins. If the individual chooses the wrong type of treatment or even neglects to seek any treatment, then the damage can become permanent. Once a veretral disc wears out, it is gone forever. This situation leads to other types of health concerns because of the irritation and pressure on the nerve roots. Irritation to the nerve roots decrease the body's ability to function properly, and can cause a person a lot of pain, inflamation, numbness, and decreased mobility. So where is one to turn for help? Is a medical doctor the one to turn to? The medical doctor can write you prescriptions that can ease your suffering. They can also send you to other specialists such as a physical therapist, who can help you to exercise and apply therapy modalities like ultrasound and elctrical stimulation. These therapy modalities can also help to decrease pain and increase mobility. Massage and acupuncture are also helpful and can do the same. However, none of these can correct the problem to its full potential. There is one health field that can though. Chiropractic is the only branch of health care that can help the individual recover to his or her full potential. Without chiropractic care, the accident victim will most likely be left with permanent degeneration and disability. Often times accident victims are still left with some degree of permanent injury and disability even with chiropractic care, so you can imagine how bad it is for those that neglect to go to the chiropractor. Chiropractic is usually cheaper than other treatment. Medical doctors almost always charge more. There is no side effects from chiropractic care either. Did you know that there are more fatalities and damge done from side effects of perscription drugs and surgery that from anything that the none medical health professionals do. Just listen to the next television commercial that is selling a drug and pay close attention to the part where they list the side effects. Chiropractors are highly trained caring professionals that know how to find and correct the cause of the problem that is associated with car accidnet injuries.
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Chiropractor, Tampa: Low Back Pain and Sciatica.

Chiropractor, Tampa: Low Back Pain and Sciatica.
Sciatica refers to pain that comes from the sciatic nerve. It is usually experienced in the legs or buttock but can also affect the feet. The origin of sciatica is from irritation to the nerve roots that exit from the lumbar spine and sacroiliac area. Occasionally it can be caused by a muscle that is pressing against the nerves. The leading cause of missing work is due to low back pain. Not only do employees suffer and miss out on income, or eat up
their sick days, but employers also suffer. Missing you valuable employees can be a huge inconvenience, leading to loss of
revenue. Then when the employee gets back to work, they are often put on light duty, which can also mean loss of revenue and
productivity. Chiropractors should always be consulted first when low back pain and sciatica occurs. Going to the medical
doctor fro this condition makes no sense as a first resort. Getting pain killers and muscle relaxers is fine, but only if the
individual is going to the chiropractor. The chiropractic physician is the only health car provider that is trained to detect and
eliminate the cause of low back pain. A vast majority of the time the cause of low back pain is a misalignment of a joint that
irritates a nerve. This condition is called a subluxation. Dr. Steve Edelson of Tampa, Florida is a chiropractic physician with 12
years of experience in treating low back pain and sciatica, and he says,"I have personally suffered from severe low back pain. I know what it is like to have this condition. This makes me more determined to find the cause of the problem and correct it for my patients. I would never suggest that people go to a medical doctor before going to a chiropractor."
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Chiropractic Even helps Healthy People

Tampa, Florida: Chiropractic Even helps Healthy People.
Do you bring your car in for an oil change? How about a tune up? And why do you bother to do those things? I'll tell you why. You do it because you want to avoid problems. You want to avoid costly repairs, breakdowns, and major things falling apart in you car. You do it because You Are Smart!
Now let me ask you something. Do you bring your own body in for a tune up? If your spinal column is out of alignment and you are not hurting, are you even aware of the problem? Many people who have this problem do not experience any pain. Did you know that a misalignment in your spine can irritate nerves that go to your major organs and therefore negatively affect your health? Did you? Ok, so now that you know about it, you can at least treat your body as well as you treat your car. Bring your body in for a chiropractic evaluation. Your local chiropractor is highly trained to detect and correct problems with the spine so that you will not experience any major breakdowns in your health - not to mention avoid pain. By the way, chiropractors are Great at helping you get rid of pain. They do it by finding the cause of the pain and correcting it, instead of just covering it up with drugs. Did you know that drugs have side effects? Next time a drug commercial comes on the television, listen to the list of side effects. It is pretty frightening!
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Friday, May 18, 2007

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Do you suffer from pain? Perhaps you need a chiropractor. Dr. Steve Edelson says, "Chiropractic is the best way for an individual to get out of pain. Chiropractors get to the direct cause of the problem. Often times, the cause of pain is a subluxated joint. A subluxation is a joint that is out of its normal position, which irritates nerves and degenerates the joint (arthritis). This can lead to malfunction in the body as well as pain and inflamation."
Dr. Edelson has been practicing Chiropractic in Tampa since 1996 and has been a chiropractor since 1995. Chiropractic works very well for headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip and knee pain, and is the best way to deal with injuries sustained from an Automobile Accident.


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Chiropractor, Tampa: Headaches can come from your ears.

Chiropractor, Tampa: Headaches can come from your ears.
Dr. Steve Edelson of Tampa, Florida has been a practicing chiropractor for the past twelve years and has seen a lot of people who suffer from headaches. Traditional chiropractic adjustments work a majority of the time in eliminating headaches. Sometimes, however, it takes an unusual approach to eliminating the tough headaches. Those of you who have had them, know what I mean. it is when you have tried everything to get rid of them and your head still hurts. Dr. Edelson says, "It was quite by accident that I discovered that adjusting the ears can eliminate headaches for some people. I have since developed an analysis from the foundation of activator methods, that specifically pinpoints whether the ears can be blamed for the headache in question, and with a specific correction to eliminate the cause." This technique has since blossomed to include analysis and correction of the cranial plates of the skull. Dr. Edelson states that he has been getting much better results now that this new technique has been implemented.
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Chiropractor, Tampa: Chiropractic Works Fast.
Dr. Steve Edelson of Tampa, Florida has been a practicing chiropractor for twelve years. Dr. Edelson says, "Chiropractic works fast to relieve pain, but people should not expect to be 100% better after one visit." He goes on to explain that when most people go to see a chiropractor for help with their problem, they usually have a misaligned joint that is irritating nerves. The correction, or chiropractic adjustment is what is used to correct the position and function of the joint, thereby eliminating the irritation and restoring normal function. However, the thing to remember is that the joint has to be "Re-Trained" and often times needs a series of adjustments. The best analogy is in understanding the time it takes to correct crooked teeth with braces. A misaligned joint has ligaments, and muscles that have to be re-trained with several adjustments to achieve a long lasting correction. There is no definite prescribed time that it takes to do this. Everyone is differetn and responds at different paces. One has to factor in such things as age, the individuals usual recovery time for injuries, arthritis, and severity of the injury or misalignment. The length of thime that the problem has been in existance is also a big factor when determining a guess as to how long it will take. Usually, a majority of people will respond quickly and begin to feel better with the first few adjustments, if not the first one alone. When the sysmptoms are gone, however, it does not mean that the problem is gone as well. It often should be left to the chiropractor to determine if the problem is at its maximal improvement.
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