Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

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Chiropractor, Tampa (Dr. Steve Edelson): Make Chiropractic Your choice in 2009!
Happy New year everyone. 2009 will bring hope in our troubled times. One thing that we should not worry about is where to turn to when pain interupts our lives. Medical doctors usually only offer to cover up your problems with drugs, and the drugs often cause problems of their own. For most problems, people should choose a natural healing art as their first choice. Don't choose drugs or surgery as a first choice. Go to a chiropractor. Unless you are bleeding or have a broken bone, then there should be no doubt in your mind that the choice to go to a less invasive doctor, who will seek to correct the cause of your problem by correcting irritation to your nerve, is absolutely the correct choice. Go to a chiropractor. When I get sick, which is not very frequent, the very first thing that I do is to go get adjusted. Many times, it stimulates my immune system and I feel well immediately. This does not happen all of the time, but it does happen most of the time. Even for those nasty colds and flu bouts, I make sure that I get adjusted. Joints tend to go out of alignment when things are not quite right. For example, your joints could do this when you get a new virus that may cause a cold or flu. That is why getting adjusted is so important. The adjustment acts like someone turning on the power switch. Your immune system is supposed to be able to defend you against most insults of this nature. But when your body gets run down, a strong virus can cause your joints to subluxate like a circuit breaker would flip off if it were overloaded. The chiropractor can put that joint back into place and help your body to defeat this virus by ensuring that your own immune system is on full power. So, when you get sick - Go get adjusted by a chiropractor!
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